Pretty random, but you excited for the new taylor swift album coming out? I'm guessing because her new song isn't about love for once, it'll be interesting to listen to


????she has so many songs that arent about love have u never listened to a taylor swift album the only difference now is that this one is all pop instead of country please spare me with that “shes not singing about relationships so maybe ill be interested in her for once”


im not even a huge taylor swift fan but like criticizing her body type but then having world war 3 when someone isn’t accepting you for how you are is SO hypocritical 





On Taylor Swift’s latest moves: ‘We look tacky’


Taylor Swift is young, rich, intelligent, self-confident, in apparent good health and often idolized.

I wouldn’t trade places with her for a million dollars.

Perhaps for $39,699,575.60, which is what she earned last year, according to the Billboard Top 40 Money Makers list. But not for a million dollars. And trust me, there are days when even a music columnist could really use a million dollars.

It’s not worth a million, though, the “being Taylor Swift” thing. For me, it would be an angry-making endeavor. I’d walk around shouting and pointing at people, spewing vitriol like the love child of Don Rickles and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

Because she just cannot win.

Search the Internet for “hate Taylor Swift” and you quickly get more than a million dollars’ worth of snarls and slurs.

She is the “lily white, pin-thin,” “vindictive” “former country oddball” who is a “disgusting,” “slut-shaming misogynist” and makes “training-bra music” that is “about as interesting as Olestra-based products, or Swiffers in multiple colors, or tiered Jell-O dessert products, or milk from China that has lead in it.”

Actually, some of those tiered Jell-O cakes are pretty amazing. But I digress…


i hope u find someone that mindlessly plays with your hands and lightly strokes your legs and massages your back and plays with your hair and i hope that u feel like you’re home when u look at them

courtney is sexier than christian grey, yes?

Depends on how gay I’m feeling for the day lmao

I'm not asking this as a joke or a half joke. I want you to be 100% serious. Pleaseeeee. Are you and Caitlin actually into eachother? Please don't joke I'm being serious I'm so confused. God you guys make me wet sometimes

OMG no although I question it myself sometimes when I see our snapchat convos LMAO but that’s funny I didn’t think anyone noticed!

when is your birthday?

August 31st:))) I expect a showering of gifts

Where are you from


How old are you

ALMOST 16!!!!

is courtney as sexy as she sounds????????????

She’s sexier like wow she’s curvy and pretty and skinny and has gorgeous eyes and hair and yeah wow she’s hot

whats the best thing abtou courtney

She’s fab 100% of the time

how many dicks have you seen?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like 2 and one was my brothers so idk if it counts and the other wasn’t in RL

tumblr crushes? (like not the ones tumblr sayd ya know)

Tayswizzle aka Courtney of course and screamingiminlovewithyou aka cait (we’re lovers), swiftsugg aka ren she’s a babe and let’s not forget colorsinautumn aka jordan and his fro